Training Activities in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, and Poland will consist of short-term joint staff training events as well as large scale international training courses (Multiplier Events).

Selected experts, educational methods specialists, teachers from the consortium partners will be trained:

  • on networking and connecting with other schools, students, teachers, school heads and other stakeholders in their region.
  • on the use of the MOVING STARS Training Material.
  • on the exploitation of the eTwinning Platform capabilities and on how to adapt, use and disseminate the MOVING STARS eTwinning Toolkit.
  • on the use of the MOVING STARS application & interactive games and the educational scenarios it offers (demonstrators).
  • on disseminating the MOVING STARS approach through its web site and social media.

The receivers of this training will then become MOVING STARS agents who are going to teach at the 1st International Training Course, on the National Teachers Training Workshops and on the trainings on pilot schools.



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